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Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Punta Gorda, FL
Etched, Stained, Leaded Glass Windows


...As we look to the far right, we see the stained glass window entitled "Earth."  The artist has shown forceful, dynamic movement in the predominant liturgical color green - the color of growth, newness, hope and the liturgical season of Ordinary time.

Next we notice "Wind."  This recalls the Hebrew word "ruah," or the Greek word "pneuma."  The very same word means Wind, Spirit and Breath.  Just as the Lord "breathed" over the waters of chaos at the dawn of creation, so Christ breathed upon His apostles as Pentecost and gave birth to the Church.  The dynamic is gentle and powerful at one and the same time.  The predominant color is white - the season of Easter and the 50 days that lead up to Pentecost.

Next is the window called "Fire."  The predominant liturgical color is red which is used on all feasts celebrating martyrs;  confirmation Masses;  the annual Bishops' Red Mass.  We recall that Jesus' baptism is with water and fire, i.e., the Holy Spirit, which descended upon the apostles in "tongues" at the Pentecost.  In contrast, "Water" is soothing, cleansing, refreshing, delightful and blue - the color of Our Lady.

Finally, to the left of the altar is "Firmament," arrayed in Purple and Gold, the royal colors fit for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, through whom all things were made.  As the priest wears purple during this season of Advent, we ponder:  Behold, he makes all things new!

-Father Jerry Kaywell, Sacred Heart Catholic Church (December 7,2008)







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